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Friday, Mar 24, 2017 Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei 26 Adar, 5777
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Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei
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Title Speaker
Ki Sisa 2017 - The Hatzala Member Who's NOT On Call On Shabbos: Can He Go On the Call Anyway (PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO SHIUR NEXT WEEK FOR VAYAKHEIL/PIKUDEI)New!  Level: Advanced Frand, Rabbi Yissocher Buy Now
Pekudei-Mishkan Below And Above  Level: Beginners Bronsteyn, Rabbi Yakov
Pikudei - Following the Cloud - 7th Aliyah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
Maharal on the Parsha - Pikudei - Mishkan-Mashkon, Full Forgiveness, Theory and Practice Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
Pikudei 2016 - Finishing a Sefer of Tanach: Does It Warrant a Seduas Siyum? and Other Siyum Issues  Level: Advanced Frand, Rabbi Yissocher Buy Now
Pekudei - Counting Toward Unity  Level: Intermediate Goldwag, Ari
Vayakhel - Names of Godliness  Level: Intermediate Goldwag, Ari
Vayakheil 2016 -A Fascinating Muktzeh/Tevilas Keilim Shaila  Level: Advanced Frand, Rabbi Yissocher Buy Now
Maharal on the Parsha - Vayakhel - Fire, Male and Female, An Unusual Ornament Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
Parsha Perceptions IX - Vayakheil/Pikudei Frand, Rabbi Yissocher Buy Now

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